Руководитель проекта

LiTu (ShangHai) Education Technology Co,Ltd.

Руководитель проекта

LiTu (ShangHai) Education Technology Co,Ltd.

High Salary 

1,we are kindergarden and traing center in zheng zhou city of China .

2,working place/environment  is very beautiful.

3.working time: from Monday to Friday ,morning  8:30- 11:30, afternoon 2:30--5:30,

4.Saturday and Sunday is free.

   Salary is 8000rmb for monthly(no work time ,for example do your personal thing , no money) ,the school pay the last month's  salary on 16th of every month.

   About apartment accommodtion

we can help you ,look for some apartment accommodation,you should pay by yourself,  and the school will give you accommodation allowance monthly.


if live together three rooms , one room for one person.

if you are interested in the job.

   you should  have bachlor degree

   you should have   no criminal record and go to police station and get it 

   you should have two years working experences .any company or school can give you recommendation letter and stamp it.

   you should have healthy record, go to hospital and get it and stamp it .

Above every document should be the  embassy of China certification.

if you have every document ,you can apply for Z visa(work visa)


if you don't have , you can apply for M visa.(business visa )


and you should take some money for the ticket to Zheng Zhou city of China ,and live for 40 days ,it will spend 6000rmb not includ the ticket .

how to come to Zheng zhou city of China?

Fly from your country to bei jing city of China, then take a train to zheng zhou.